Art Passages

Fabled Lands: Indian and Persian Paintings
Art Passages are specialists in Indian and Persian paintings. Connoisseurship, research, and integrity form the foundation of our operation. Artworks from Art Passages are now in significant private collections, as well as in major museums including the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, the LA County Museum of Art, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, and Musee du Quai Branly in Paris.

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A Leviathan attacks Hamza and his Men
Sawan masa
linga shrine
Worship of a linga shrine
Unruly Elephants
Unruly Elephants
Nobleman in a Garden Terrace
A Nobleman in a Garden Terrace
Queen Qaydafeh
Queen Qaydafeh of Andalus Recognizes Alexander
Baharm-e Gur
Baharm-e Gur and the Roman Princess Humay in the Yellow Pavilion
Jamshid Wounded by Zahhak
Jamshid Wounded by Zahhak
Baharm-e Gur
Baharm-e Gur and the Chinese Princess Yaghmanaz in the Sandalwood Pavilion
Sultan Hussein Barani
Shah Isma’il Receives Sultan Hussein Barani
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