Fine Chinese Works of Art from J J Lally & Co
Auction Monday, March 20 8:30am
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The Mary and Cheney Cowles Collection of Classical Chinese Furniture
Auction Monday March 20 10:30am
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Chinese Works of Art and Paintings
Auction Tuesday March 21 9am
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Fine Japanese and Korean Works of Art
Auction Wednesday March 22 10am
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Indian, Himalayan and Southeast Asian Art
Auction Thursday March 23 10am
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Stoneware Jar
A Glazed White Stoneware Jar and Cover
Snuff Bottle
A Rare Chased Silver 'Literary Gathering' Pictorial Tray
Jade Vase
An Archaistic Bronze-Form Jade Vase and Cover
Yokeback Armchair
A Very Rare Huanghuali 'Wannian Taiping' Yokeback Armchair, Guanmaoyi
Horseshoe Back Armchair
A Rare and Exceptional Huanghuali and Huamu Bamboo-Style Horseshoe Back Armchair, Quany
Paper Scroll Holder
A Rare and Exceptional Huanghuali and Nanmu 'Fu' Character Yokeback Armchair, Guanmaoyi
Kawanabe Kyosai
Song Xu
Treading through Snow on Wufeng
Surf Riders
Qi Baishi
Cooked Crabs and Wine
Kawanabe Kyosai
Huang Yongyu
Guitar Player
Kawanabe Kyosai
Anonymous Chinese Artist
View of the Bund, Shanghai
Paper Scroll Holder
An Important Hardstone-Inlaid Huanghuali Tapered Sloping-Style Cabinet
Kawanabe Kyosai
A Rare Imperial-Type Red-Ground Cloisonne Enamel Vessel on Gilt Repousse Kneeling-Boy Feet
Kawanabe Kyosai
Qi Baishi
Yangxian Landscape
Paper Scroll Holder
A Thangka of Shakyamuni Buddha
Kawanabe Kyosai
A Set of Copper Alloy Portraits Depicting the Five Patriarchs of the Sakya Order of Tibetan Buddism (Jetsun Gongma Nga)
Kawanabe Kyosai
A Gilt Copper Alloy Figure of Tara
Paper Scroll Holder
Fukami Sueharu
Distant View II
Paper Scroll Holder
A Pair of Important Polychrome Wood Figures of Donja
Kawanabe Kyosai
Utagawa Kuniyoshi
The Monster Skeleton
Paper Scroll Holder
Izumi Sukeyuki
A Large and Impressive Model of a Skull and Snake
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