Asia Week New York March 2023 at iGavel

Collection of Chinese and Asian Textiles from an American Collector
Online only
Asia Week New York Exhibition

March 16-24, 10am-5pm

Contact: Niki Tiliakos
(212) 289 5524


Asian Works of Art from the Collection of The Dayton Art Institute
Online auction, March 2-21, 2023

Property of An American Collector Part II
Online auction, March 14-20, 2023

Chinese and Other Asian Works of Art
Online auction, March 28-April 18, 2023

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Deer Vase
100 Chinese Famille Rose Deer Vase
Chinese Amber Figure of Shoulao
Chinese Celadon and Green Jade Cylindrical Parfumier
Priest Robe
Chinese Dark Blue Brocade Daoist Dragon Priest Robe with Kesi and Embroidered Silk Details
Dragon Robe
Chinese Imperial Brown Embroidered Silk Semi-formal Dragon Robe, Jifu
Jade Ewer
Chinese Pale Celadon Jade Ewer
Archaistic Vessel
Chinese Silver and Gold Inlaid Bronze Fanghu Archaistic Vessel
Jade Horses
Pair of Chinese Carved Celadon Jade Horses with fitted stands
Rank Badges
Pair of Korean Silk Civil Official Rank Badges
Noh Robe
Japanese Bird and Geometric Patterned Stamped Cotton Kariginu, Noh Robe
Noh Robe
Japanese Bast-fiber Sanskrit Decorated Happi, Noh Robe
Imperial Manchu Silk Gauze Semiformal Insignia Surcoat, Longgua
Court Robe
Dowager Empress New Year Semi-formal Court Robe
Chinese Manchu Man's Kesi Semiformal Court Robe, Jifu
Chinese Kesi Silk Calligraphic Hanging Scroll
Chinese Blue Silk Embroidered Manchu Man's Formal Court Robe, Chaofu
Kang Carpet
Chinese Yellow-Ground Voided Velvet Throne Cushion Cover or Kang Carpet
Chinese Manchu Emperor's Semiformal Twelve-Symbol Court Robe, Jifu
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