Kaikodo LLC

Safety in Numbers

March 16-May 31, 2023
Online exhibition
Two recent acquisitions inspired the exhibition Safety in Numbers: a Heian-period image of Shō Kannon from a staggering group created and enshrined in the Kōfuku-ji in Nara until recent times and an impressive Ming-dynasty fahua porcelain jar featuring eight immortals ” Numbers matter and are manifested in various ways. While a Tang period white amphora, such as the one in the present exhibition, might stand secure in its own regal beauty, it is not alone in the world of Chinese ceramics, where its family is extensive. Two stalwart soldiers from the Six Dynasties period proudly represent their platoon. A kosometsuke dish of the early 17th century with incised qilin décor seems to stand alone, almost unique. Still, it exists within an enormous fold of Jingdezhen porcelains destined for markets abroad. Japanese paintings open a world of safety in numbers, whether at a horse or fish market or in an intimate group of masters of haiku poetry, brought together in a work by Yosa Buson (1716-1784). A 16th-century Chinese painting of the jovial Pudai shows him celebrated by a band of happy children while the Qing-dynasty painter Zhang You captures a troop of monkeys at play in a remote mountain environment. For more, please visit Kaikodo's website show from 16 March to 31 May 2023.

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Cizhou Pillow
A Wooden Figure of Shō Kannon with Pigments & Gold Leaf
Imai Oshin
A Fahua Eight-Immortals Porcelain Jar
Zhu Angzhi
Pair of Painted Earthenware Zhenmushou Tomb Guardians
Aoki Shukuya
A Huangpuyao Stoneware Ewer
Aoki Shukuya
A Longquanyao Celadon Bowl
Aoki Shukuya
Ancient Vietnamese Stone Implements
Aoki Shukuya
Xu Boling 徐伯齡Serried Mountains 濟峰圖
Aoki Shukuya
Ike Taiga
Pleasure within an Orange 橘中之樂圖
Aoki Shukuya
Tamate Tōshu 玉手棠洲
"One Hundred Yakko" 一百奴圖
Aoki Shukuya
Takai Kozan 高井鴻山
Gathering of Ghosts and Demon 妖快圖
Aoki Shukuya
Tomioka Tessai 富岡鉄斎
Fish Market 海鮮市場圖
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