Thomas Murray

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Online and by appointment in New York
March 16-22, Park Lane Hotel, 36 Central Park South
New York, NY
Thomas Murray is featuring a multi prong online and in person exhibition for Asia Week NYC 2003 that includes five exceptionally important textiles: Three Indian Trade Cloths of great rarity for the Indonesian Market and two iconic weavings from Lampung, Sumatra – a Double Red Ship Palepai and an early Pasisir Wedding Tampan. Introducing as well in wood are a fine Islamic calligraphic window with a ‘Seal of the Prophet’ inscription; two shamanic works from the indigenous Tao (Yami) People of Orchid Island, off the coast of Taiwan featuring compelling line drawing depictions of their primordial ancestor, Magamaog. We are pleased to present antipodal jewelry offerings from Indonesia: a pair of gold earspools with diamond chips worn by royal Minangkabau women of West Sumatra and two precious and seldom seen gold ornaments from the remote easterly spice islands of Leti and Tanimbar. A private collection of bronze ‘found object’ charms, Thogchas, rounds out our exhibition. They were picked up from the soil of the Tibetan plateau by nomadic herders, who considered them magical ‘fall from sky’ talismans, with many dating 1000 years old or more. Formed over a 40-year period by an artist, this group is being offered as a whole.

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Ramayana Trade Cloth
Ramayana Trade Cloth
Half Palampore
Half Palampore with Mythical Animals and Mughal Flowers
Ceremonial Cloth
Ceremonial Cloth and Sacred Heirloom, Maá
Double Red Ship Palepai
Tampan with Stylized Wedding Scene, fragment
Window Panel
Window Panel with Inscription
House Post
Tumuk / Tomok Central House Post
Shamanic Knife
Shamanic Knife
Chief's Heirloom Ornament, Mase
Chiefly Ornament
Chiefly Ornament with Ancestor Motifs
Sumbek Talingo
Large Earring Pair, Sumbek Talingo
A large stucco hand of Buddha Gandhara
A Private Collection of Thogcha Talismans
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